Thursday, November 8, 2007


Oh dear - I have not written in so long! I am starting a new job (still at KP) soon - that's my big news. I think it's going to be really great - I love the people I'm working with. It's in a totally new area though - union compensation - so I'm afraid I'll be struggling this first year. Oh well - it's nice to have a change.

Jeff is doing great - he gave us a bit of a scare last month with a brain hemorrhage. Luckily, it was a one-time freak occurrence. Now he is back to his normal, swimming in-the-bay self.

Erik is doing well at high school, playing tennis, and enjoying the football season. He told me the other day, when I tried to tell him that football isn't everything, that no, football is a way of life. Okay! Set me straight.

Rachel is also doing fine, playing the piano and singing with the SF Girls Chorus. Sometimes she wishes she had more down-time, but she is not willing to give anything up. Sixth grade is demanding, with all the homework. She takes it very seriously. I am trying to get her to knit, but so far have not had much luck. Maybe Aunt Aileen will do better!

I'm finishing up some socks for Uncle Stan - my first time with 2 colors. Other than that, I did finish a baby surprise jacket for my cousin's baby coming next month. That was a lot of fun!

Oh dear - I can't remember how to add a picture, and I've got to get dinner on the table. Next time!

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