Friday, June 8, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

It's hard to knit, raise kids, entertain friends, play tennis and work all at the same time. I've decided to keep a blog to keep in touch, since I am unable to write letters even though I think about it all the time. I really want to keep in touch, so I'm going to give this a shot.

Yesterday was my birthday (47 years young). It was also the day the Yarn Harlot came to Petaluma - what a stroke of luck! Aileen (my sister) reserved us spaces at the bookstore and got us a room at a local hotel. We drove up with my mom, and had a very nice lunch in Sonoma at The Girl and the Fig - I highly recommend it! The best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had! Then we drove back to Petaluma, took a nice nap (maybe I am getting old) and headed out to Copperfields to wait. We got there an hour and a half early, but the place was already 3/4 full. I heard later that 275 people showed up - a record for Copperfields!

The Yarn Harlot was great! She is so funny and so engaging. There was such a long line after her talk that we did not get our books signed until 10:00 pm or so. It felt very late since we did not eat any dinner. Totally worth it though! Thank goodness my friend Wendy gave me a goody basket for the trip as a present. When we got back to our room we devoured most of the basket and had the rest for breakfast the next morning. (Our bed and breakfast, while very nice and very clean did not serve breakfast. Where is the truth in advertising law when you need it?)

Since it was my birthday, the Yarn Harlot will put a picture of me in her next blog posting - I'm very excited. Please let the picture be good! I hope I don't look like a chipmunk - it has happened before. Have you ever seen a 47 year old chipmunk? It isn't pretty! I gave her some Peets coffee as a present - I know she likes coffee, and it is very Bay Area. She got so excited when she saw the bags! I got her one bag of whole beans and one bag already ground in case her hotel rooms had coffee makers. She said she has been known to fashion coffee filters out of toilet paper when desperate! Her schedule is so hectic, I'm sure she will be in need of the brew for the entire trip.

This morning we went to the Knitterly, one of the prettiest yarn stores I have ever been in. It was huge, spacious and also very homey. It felt so comfortable and had a wonderful collection of yarn and books! It was making me wish we lived closer to Petaluma.

Then it was back home to catch Rachel's performance in the 5th grade talent show. She played piano while her friend Siena sang a song she wrote about graduation to middle school. It's a little sad since the kids split up a go to a lot of different schools. Rachel will be going to the public middle school next door, but many go to private schools, and one is even moving to Piedmont so he can be in a better school district. Yikes!

I'm still learning how to post pictures, and I forgot my camera over the weekend. Luckily Aileen had her's, so I will post those pictures later. Look for me in the YH's blog!


Eva said...

Thanks, Katherine! Love your blog. What a fun thing to do! Great picture, too!

Jeff510 said...

Oh no, my wife has become more internet savvy than me. I thought blogs were only for unemployed 20 year olds who spent their days in Starbucks buying four dollar lattes to save $30 a month on internet access. That aside, well written and interesting post Kath!

Rachel said...

LOVE the blog

Gregory said...

"Well written" sound like something from Glen! The question everyone wants to the Harlet Yarn a child friendly gathering?

Don McKay said...

I can't believe you are 47 years old. I still remember that beautiful little baby I played with on the bed on California Street in Berkeley. Was it that long ago?
It's great to read about your passion! Thanks for sharing it and I, too, hope your picture does not resemble a little rodent. Don

Arrieta said...

What a good-looking family. Must be the genes.

Rachel is having a good time at our house. Today we saw Shrek III, and now she's on the phone with Alicia. She helped me find your blog and also the Yarn Harlot's with no problem.