Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rachel Graduates

Rachel graduated from 5th grade yesterday - she looked so grown up! It's going to feel funny not going to Joaquin Miller Elementary School any more - it's a great school and a very nice community. The school put on a very nice slide show depicting all the 5th graders throughout the year, and they even made a DVD for each kid. It's nice since the kids will be splitting up now and going to different middle schools. Rachel did very well in the ceremony; we are very proud parents!
Afterwards a large group of us went to a pool to cool off - it has been so hot! We have no air conditioning (since we only get about 4 weeks of hot weather during the year), so right now it is 81 degrees in the house! Good thing we have plenty of ice cream in the freezer. I reached in to make myself a bowl, and I just stood there with the door open. Boy, did that feel good!
My knitting has not gotten very far, I'm afraid. It's slow going anyway, and a few rows on a sock does not amount to much! I'm taking a class tomorrow at Article Pract on knitting a tank top - that should go much faster. Have I prepared for this class? Do my cats clean up their fur balls? I should I try to run down there on my lunch hour tomorrow so I can at least have a swatch made before the class. Then I could actually knit on the project during the class. Wouldn't that be nice?


Aileen said...

What a great picture of the graduate! We were all very proud.

Good luck on the knitting in this heat. Nothing is happening over here, either, and my second floor is like an oven.

Arrieta said...

You think it's hot in Oakland. Yesterday was 93 in Brentwood. Today Rachel, Bill and I are going swimming to cool off. Last night Rachel beat us at Sequence fair and square. We demand a rematch.


Aileen said...

I'm used to the yarn harlot -- you need to post more often! I'm expecting pictures of socks in progress, the party at Evelyn's in honor of Lucas, and the Father's Day get-together in Oakland.